Supreme Discipline With Distinction

Saurich, one of my most loyal and courageous toilets, take his exam with me today! The recording of my divine caviar, not only presents a special challenge, but is an absolute supreme discipline that a slave may do for me in humility! But to love my cold morning crap, hours later, in the evening, is a supreme discipline with distinction! Dear Saurich, brought me as a welcome bounty a homemade metal box for the pump of my Serious Kit! As thanks, he receives before his exam, a sweaty erotic rubber session! But Saurich slips into the spandex suit of the Serious Kit and well vacuumed, the vacuum starts its services! While the sweat in the suit is pouring in, I warmth the situation in addition and skilfully put my forms in scene! I let Saurich smell and taste me. Let me spoil my armpits and smooch my divine feet! The skillful tongue work of Saurich, lets me indeed get going, so that there are only a few moments left, until my dear toilet will take up his duties! But Saurich will create my supreme discipline with distinction. One thing is clear, it will be damn hard for Saurich, but with my perverted, bizarre lust and with my erotic charisma, I will push him to his limits and beyond!