Pathetic Pet Is Trampled And Shat On

The kaviar slave and pet didnt react instantaneously to the mistress, and the yank on his chain meant that he was going to be penalized. The mistress instantly set two chairs in front of each other and pulled down her undies. A clear glass cup sat inbetween the two chairs, and she squeezed her belly hard, coaxing her warm, soft poop out. A stream of clear piss drizzled out, showering the entire area, while the blobs of brown poop lazily plopped down the bowl, one after the other. The brown turd was fluffy and sausage-like and began dissolving in fibrous pieces when it soaked up the warm pee. The shit soup smelled sweet and sour at the same time, and the pet knew his face was going into the bottom of the bowl. She yanked the pets chain hard and pushed his mouth into the bowl, making sure that his lips and tongue crushed the shit completely, and so that the shit will be between his teeth too. Bearing down on the slaves back, the mistress sat on the slave as it continued to play with the shit with its mouth. Once done, the slave tried recover his ragged breathing on his back, and he received a well-deserved trampling on his face for being such a pathetic shit slave.