A Most Brutal Secret

Toshio felt a abate agony in his lower belly and knew that he couldnt hold it in any longer. He needed to piss, and he bid his female coworkers for a moment as he stepped out for a much needed number one. Walking toward the toilet, he felt uneasy, mainly because one of their coworkers, Dazu, had been missing for days. Sliding open the door to the toilet, he is horrified to see Dazu on the floor, stripped to his boxer cut-offs and tied up. His entire assets was packed entirely with reddish welts from what appeared to be a leather whip. His face was also strapped with black gauze, and he was gripping a plastic, cut-out bottle funnel in his mouth. Someone had been Dazu as a human toilet and had imprisoned him in the toilet. Shocked, Toshio backed away and had dreamed to run back to the office when he found Momoka squatting behind him, asking him what he had seen. He was appalled of what he witnessed and he said he was going to call management about this. But before he could even take a step away from the innocent-looking Momoka, she pulled out a taser and knocked him down They had another human toilet they had to train now.