Mistress Gaia – Piss And Enema For My Individual Slave

The training of my private slave as a full toilet goes on. He has made significant progress but there is still room for improvements. Now he is again lounging under my chair, waiting for my precious gifts. Today I am a bit constipated, my crap is very hard and I have difficult defecating. Very first I have to urinate; I put a funnel in his mouth and I let it go. My god, how much it is!!! He attempts despairingly to drink everything but he cannot keep up with the flow. The funnel fills up and a few drop spills before my bladder is eventually empty. Now he needs to finish drinking it all. I try again to defecate but. No success. I need help! A small enema will do the job. Finally I can expel my shit: brown water and shit fills the glass bowl. What a good cocktail for my slave: do down and start slurping the smelly mess!!