Gagged The Fate Of A Aging Human Toilet

The old human toilet already has white hair on his head, but he has yet to fully please his mistress, who had been training him for weeks. Today he has been trussed under a gleaming fresh toilet seat, and the mistress requests nothing more than perfection. To be absolutely still as the stream of piss and poop come down on your open and willing mouth this is the aim and the desirable result. Dazus mouth hurts a little from the clear mouth expander that shoves his lips apart, exposing his yellowing teeth. The pathetic slave closes his eyes in anticipation of the salty bitter shower. The mistress blossoms her butt hole and starts dropping a thick puddle of sausages on the slaves teeth. He opens his mouth to receive the gift, and feels that this time, he has done well. The mistress grabs a pair of tongs and mashes the putrid brown shit, that squelches noisily inside the slaves mouth as he tries to chew on it. This turd is a bit sticky and dry, and its now going down his gullet, because it pleases the mistress. The mistress smiles and feigns disgust, plastering the slaves mouth so that not one morsel of shit can get out.