Cruel Mistress Piss Training

Mistress Junko is cracking in a fresh slave today. She sits imperiously on the slaves face and bears down with all her wait, squishing her moist beaver and butt on the slaves face. The slave gasps for air, but instantaneously cleans her cunny with his tongue, nose and mouth. He has a fake penis strapped to his neck, and hes been pegged before. Today he is going to know the meaning of the word respect The mistress feet trample him mercilessly, and her high-heeled toes press down on his chest, neck his entire body. She stands atop him and pulls down her panties, pushing out a thick, salty stream of piss that covers his face and neck, and splatters noisily on the floor. The piss mistress is strong as can be when she is training a slave, and with one deft motion, she turns the slaves head toward the salty puddle on the floor and uses him as a human mop. The slave is now completely covered in piss, and gasps for air.