Dannos Filthy Day One

Thick straps trussed Dannos upper figure, and his head was placed dead center to the ring above him. Danno was todays human toilet, and he was going LOVE it whatever the mistress does to him. The mistress sleek butt sat on the toilet seat and she made herself comfy. Her belly was already rumbling, and she knew that any moment now her thick, stinking turd was going to ease out of her taut pink pucker. Danno observed as her asshole flowered right before his eyes, releasing a nasty fart stream to his open mouth. The fart tasted acidic and stale. The peak of the dark brown poop began peeking out, and the mistress gave an almighty shove, providing the soft, buttery turd the right power to slide out like a sausage. The sausage shit plopped into Dannos surprised mouth, and he tasted bitter and sour in the still warm piece of poo. The mistress picked up her favorite pair tongs and began mashing the shit all over Dannos unwilling mouth and face. He was in shock, but he cant move, and the poo in his watery mouth broke down even more. After taking a thick, stinking dump on Dannos face, the mistress sat on the toilet seat again and felt that her bladder could use a good emptying. Her strong piss was enough to wash away shit from Dannos face, and the clear, salty stream found its way into the shit slaves gurgling throat. The pee also smelled acidic and was slightly butter, but it was salty enough to make Dannos throat itch as he struggled to swallow it in large gulps.