Dirty Dessert Jennifers Recipe A Secret Ingredient

So Jennifer is a friend who has lately become utterly fond of the fetish, and has found herself fantasizing about defecating into a guy's mouth fairly often. I must admit I am the one that turned her onto this fetish, and when she very first did it she did not actually like it too much. My how things have switched and I could not be more excited about it! Tonight she poop a full blast into my mouth and it tasted truly indeed good. I ended up drooling it into a cup and mixing it up with a cupcake, and let me tell you it tasted fucking amazing. No no, I mean FUCKING AMAZING!!! I ate the entire bowl, spoon after spoonful totally indulging in her tasty still warm scat. A lot of you have expressed that you did not want to see me in videos; be warned, this one is not one of them lol for the last couple of minutes I am in the scene consuming her special recipe, and eating every last drop of her secret ingredient!!! I decided to do this for those who enjoy consuming as well I came extremely hard and it was an intense As I sit here typing now I still have a full stomach full or her scat and it feels so good and I am getting so horny all over again just knowing her shit is in now inside of me, wow! That was definately an amazing experience!!! Runtime 9m15s.