Pathetic Manlet Is Brutalized

The manlet was weeping from the anguish of being pulled around by the hair. Mistress Crimson was particularly rough today, and her fingers gripped the manlets hair stiffer than usual. She felt a BRUTAL energy well up inwards her, and she dreamed the manlet to receive all of her rage. Pushing the manlet to the ground, she digged her thick, high heeled boots into his skin, disregarding the manlets coughs of ache. The mistresss round butt shone as she trampled the manlet again and again, focusing on his chest and belly. Moving around the manlet, she smiled evilly as she placed her boot on the manlets forehead, causing him to sob out in ache. She spotted how broad the manlets mouth was, and she decided to take a dump in his mouth, right then and there. Pulling down her panties, she felt the manlets warm, scared breath on her smooth ass as she released an almighty fart that smelled of garlic. The manlet nearly puked from the stale air that he accidentally swallowed, and coughed again as he saw with wide eyes what the mistress wanted to do. The Mistresss butt had blossomed in front of him, her tiny chocolate anus had opened to half a inch to show a fetid piece of shit poking out. The tip of the turd was frayed and fibrous, and he could do nothing but keep his mouth open as she pushed the sticky poo inside his mouth. The turd slid like a snake and lodged into the manlets throat, prompting him to begin chewing the fetid, sour-tasting shit.