Shit Slave Training 101

Elderly Hachirou was frogtied on the floor, awaiting his fate. He had always dreamed of being entirely predominated, but he may have gotten in too thick with Hana, who was the most brutal of kaviar mistresses. Pulling down her undies, Hana mashed her unwashed cunt on Hachirous mouth and nose, hardly providing the manlet time to breathe. She smelled like salty piss and dried feces, and Hachirou coughed as he attempted to keep up with the mistress massive butt on his face. Her asshole suddenly opened, revealing a thick morsel of shit sliding down into his throat. The turd smelled like rotting meat, and it felt warm and sticky inside his throat. The turd made squelching nosises in Harchirous mouth as he tried to chew it properly. The dark brown paste coated the insides of his mouth and in between his teeth. Move! the mistress ordered as he flopped to his belly, feeling the mistresss thick and heavy, high heeled boots digging painfully into his back. The elderly manlet was sobbing because he was ashamed of himself, and inwardly, he is rejoicing. He is a pathetic manlet slave now, and he deserved even more. Pushing his ass to the air, the mistress rode the manlet like a beast of burden, whipping the flat of his back hard, until he is covered in welts. She began mouthing insults, while revealing his disgusting butthole. He was truly a pathetic specimen, and deserved nothing less than the worst of humiliations.