Full Toilet Slave Training 05

For months my slave has been begging me to permit him to serve as my Fine, if thats what he wants! This is my 5th full-toilet training session with my slave. Last time when I fed him my kaviar on a salad he managed to eat it all so Ive determined to serve him another delicious meal to give him some more practice. A plate of bakmi goreng topped with my delicious poo, yumm! I sit next to my little toilet and love a cigarette so I dont have to smell his meal. My poo is rigid so this time it should be a bit lighter for him. And indeed, he manages to finish his meal in less than 10 minutes. Only once did he gag and almost puke but he regained his composure and finished it all. Good boy! The training WILL proceed until hes able to eat it pure.