Shat On And Booted Hard

Hakus heart raced when he eyed his mistress in unspoiled black he knew that he was going to get the roughest night his slave life. Mistress Emiko dug her slender fingers into the slaves mouth. She desired to crush his mouth and gasp him good, because that would exercise his face for what lay ahead. Laughing at how pathetic the poo slave is to her strong touch, she shoves down her undies and proceeds to take a dump on the slaves face. The slave smelled the mistress putrid booty, she hasnt been washing herself right and even the sweat on her buttcrack smelled stale and nasty. She had a heart-shaped butt that was imperious and forboding, and her pink pucker was taut, but carried with it the authority of a mistress. She groaned as she let her anus blossom, as her soft, foamy shit began extruding. The shit slave heard a faint whomp as the foamy shit began dropping on his face it smelled of sour dairy and was equally bitter to the nostrils. She enjoyed taking a dump on shit slaves faces and she continued pinching off sausage after sausage, until the slaves face was almost completely covered. Standing up, she digs her left boot into the slaves face and begins crushing the foul shit on his cheeks and against his unwilling mouth. The mistress pressed the shit slaves face to the floor, smearing her shit all over his mouth and nearly two feet across the floor. The manlet slave now smells entirely of her shit now, and he began puking because the poo had such a foul and bitter taste. His skin reddened from puking, and the mistress allowed him to wallow in her shit and puke, gripping his tiny dick and further humiliating him.