Co-worker Teases You About Becoming Her Toilet Slave

Im glad you accepted my invitation. I feel like we have a special connection. I know you are very attracted to me and I love knowing that you always have your eyes on me at work. Do you want some champagne? Do you have any idea where its coming from? You like the taste? Are you thirsty for main course now? I have something very special for you for dinner. Its the very first time I ever serve this to someone, Im a bit jumpy. I stand up and come back with a plate full of kaviar! Some people call it caviar, others call it chocolate. Im gonna put that delicious meal closer to your face so you can take a bif sniff before you taste it. Now take a bite, let it melt on your tongue and gulp it. Do you like it? Sure, it could be newer and better. Next time Im going to make you taste this meal directly from where its coming from. Its going to be warm and its going to taste so much better! Im going to taunt you by explaining in details how I am going to prepare that special meal for you. I know this is what you have always wished ever since you very first eyed me at work. I can read in your thoughts. You want to become my toilet slave! This has to stay a secret, nobody had to know about it! How exiting! There is no pooping scene in the movie Find more scat movies on DirtyMaryan. com .