Landlord Is Fatally Trapped – Part 2

Squatting down squarely on top of the landlords face, Chizue began contorting her face, pulling out the goopy poo that she has been holding in for days. She farted generously into her fresh human toilets mouth, and the raw fart tasted bitter and sweet at the same time. The landlord opened his mouth broader, providing Chizue better access to his waiting mouth. The shit was foul and almost black, and it glided stickily out of her taut butthole. It smelled like bad fish and meat flipped together, and the air around the room began to stink, too. The first few slices dropped into the old mans mouth, and he struggled to chew them, because he knew that something bad was going to happen to him if he didnt. Chizue turned around and clamped down hard on the manlet slaves mouth, not permitting him to lose a single morsel of her precious shit. She could hear him slurping and grinding his teeth inside, getting the shit in between his teeth and spreading the fetid paste across his mouth cavity. Pushing his face to the floor, Chizue grabbed a small piece of shit and pushed it into the slaves sticky and fetid mouth. Today was just day one of his training.