A Glorious Waterfall Of Piss

Minato shivered when he spotted five of his classmates surround him with evil smirks on their faces. He was the only man in the classroom, and his classmates didnt have the faintest innocence in their faces. He attempted to keep cool when the five women began taunting and pulling at him, undressing him of his uniform. They shoved him harshly to the floor and the one in pink instantaneously shoved away the fabric covering her piss fuckhole. Her piss was a strong torrent that was slightly yellow and salty. It washed his face, and one of the classmates gripped his chin and pried his mouth open so they can begin taking turns urinating directly into his mouth. The piss tasted slightly bitter and salty, but it wasnt all that bad. He began gulping their piss as quick as he could, and he taste their sex every time they would take a leak in his open and willing mouth. But pissing was just one part of their kink. Minatos classmates surrounded him once again and pushed his ass up into the air, and they began playing with his balls, his flaccid dick, and his butthole. He was embarrassed when he felt endless fingers on his butthole, and all across his balls and dick. He looked up and saw a hairy, moist pussy directly above him, as one of the girls sat on his face and began grinding. The pussy smelled salty and unwashed, and he pushed out his tongue to clean it. He was now their human toilet and pussy washer, and he knew he should do a good job of it. The rest of the ladies contented themselves with pinching and pulling on his dick, and they began shaming him for having such a tiny member. And then the golden showers began, covering his entire face and chest.