Fancy Human Toilets

The party for Japans high society was successful, especially when the madames discovered that they had the rarest treat waiting for them. Walking into one of the secret rooms of the mansion, they found two pristine and waiting human toilets. The older madame pulled down the thick garters of her undies and giggled as she felt thick portions of feces waiting to burst out of her butt. Her belly jiggled from having too much to eat, and the poop slave waiting for he bounty gulped as he realized that he was getting a much massive stream in his mouth. Farting loudly, the older madame began pushing out thick logs of goopy and foul brown poo into the mouth and around the face of the kaviar slave. The poop slave immediately began chewing, making sure that none of the precious cargo was going to waste. The younger madame had slimmer ribbons of lighter colored shit that lay daintily into the mouth of the second slave, and the second shit slave rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he tasted sour and spoiled cheese, and he loved the fanciness of it all. When both were done, the two slaves proceeded to clean the two madames out with their tongues and mouths, making sure they got all of the smaller shit bits out It was a good day for human toilets.