Mistress Gaia – Up To The Last Bit

My individual slave is lounging on the floor, ready to serve me as a full toilet. As appetizer, I order him to eat the dirty feet od my footwear. Then its the turn of my piss. I put a funnel in his mouth and I let it go. As usual, its a lot, almost a liter of urinate and, being the very first in the morning, its yellow and tasty. Its not effortless to keep up with such a massive flow, even for a good urinate drinker like him; he attempts to gulps as prompt as possible but, nevertheless, the funnel fills up, causing a petite spillover. But now its time for the real treat: my feces. The first piece misses the target but it is soon followed by three bigger thurds that pile up on his open mouth. He starts chewing and swallowing but, today, I have a lot of shit and more pieces follow. To stimulate him, I tell him that he will be allowed him to lick my feet if he can eat all my shit. While he goes on eating his meal, I go on shitting in his mouth; its one of my best day in term of quantity of shit. When his mouth is empty, I pick up a few pieces that had fallen on the floor; he has to eat them too! When hes finished, I order him to open his mouth to check if he has swallowed everything. Unfortunately his tongue is still very dirty and I have no more pee to wash his mouth; I have only my spit, but its not enough. My slave was very good today and he dutiful ate all my shit but I cannot allow him to lich my feet with such dirty tongue!!!! May be next time.....DO NOT MISS THIS CLIP; IT CONTAINS VERY NICE CLOSE-UPs OF ME PISSING AND SHITTING AND OF THE SLAVE EATING.