Dainty Princess Foul Shitter

The mistress dressed as a princess today, because she wished to use her shiny fresh toilet to unload two days worth of crap. He was unused to the fresh platform and squirmed a little as the steel edge dug at the back of his neck. The mistress poo was half liquid, half glue, and it flowed unabated from blossoming pink hole like a waterfall. Her gooey smelled fishy and oily, and the shit slave opened his mouth wide to let the gift flow into his throat properly. His mouth filled with the foul stench of her gift, and he closed his eyes to enjoy it. When she finished, she gripped his head so he could let the poo flow out of his mouth. The shit splurted out in large dollops as the poo mixed with his mucus and spit, and the now crushed shit lay flat on the ground, still dripping from the shit slaves open mouth.