Goddess Tempest’s Toilet POV

This is the most I have ever talked while I was defecating! You see, I wished YOU to practice what its actually like being my toilet, to hear the kind of conversation I like to have while Im taking a kaviar in your mouth. In this amazing Toilet Point Of View movie of mine youll get to practice exactly what my toilets go through during training. How I talk to them, what I say to them, how I vocally encourage them to keep eating as they see my kaviar sliding out of my anus into their throats. By clever camera angles I give you an actual very first person view of being under my toilet chair. No acting, this is actually how my training with fresh toilets go. Youll see me talking to you through the toilet seat, witnessing my beautiful face and hearing my soothing voice as I talk you through what is about to happen to you. Youll feel your heart racing as you see me turn around and lowering my ideal Goddess bottom onto the toilet seat just mere inches from your face. As you see and smell my puckering Goddess ass hole I vocally encourage you to be a good toilet for me and open your mouth wide. Hear my soft feminine grunts while Im talking as I slowly fill your mouth with my shit directly from my asshole. Hear my soft sighs of pure pleasure and relief while Im taking to you as I empty my bowels down your throat. To make things even better, youll see my vagina swelling expanding, also getting soaking wet from the intense pleasure and arousal without even touching myself! Its because THIS is my life and I love it! I never have a shortage of new toilets to train and teaching them to eat my shit is something Im very passionate about. This clip is simply too hot erotic to miss! Be sure to check my store for all my other clips! xoxo.