Pov – Huge Shit In Your Mouth

Your words just cut something because i dont want jizz i dont deserve this are music for my ears exactly what i wish. And movie are a desire when munch and a indeed so much kaviar pack he. Can i too exactly same? I need be coerced without mercy. The moment you have been slaving towards. you are in my toilet. My divine butt fills your world. There is nothing but my beautiful g-spot and asshole in your field of vision. This is what it is like to be not in a toilet, but to be a toilet. You see nothing but my asshole and hear nothing but my voice. You hear the words a toilet hears. lick my ass, deeper, drink my piss. Then I tell you to open your mouth and keep it open. You know why. You see your food come out in a steady stream. Then, just as if you were actually experiencing the honor of being my toilet, I linger for the time it takes for you to thoroughly clean my ass. You will spend minutes gazing in ecstasy at the heavenly orifice and listen to me tell you what you are, a pervert, a pig, a loser. Make sure you obey my orders for they are the law of your soul whether I am physically present or not. Whatever is disgusting goes in your mouth from now on, TOILET.