Nice Brown Mess

Aiko couldnt wait to play with her fresh slave. She squatted cozily atop the poo slave, and she did so, her pink pucker blossomed a full inch to release a days worth of turd. Her poo was a sick mix of green and brown, and the smell was so strong that it can be smelled from the next room. The brown good slopped lazily into the slaves mouth, which was broad open. His tongue tasted bitter and salty as the poo glided deeper into his mouth, and into the opening of his mouth. The mistress grabbed her tongs to inspect her work, and mashed the shit inside the slaves mouth to make sure that it slid in perfectly. The poop was sticky yet crumbly and disintegrated with the slightest touch. The slaves spit mixed beautifully with the turd, and he began swirling it to get a better taste of it.