Mistress Gaia – Training A New Toilet Slave

Today, I want to introduce the latest addition to my harem. He is still in training, since he doesnt have a significant practice as a slave and today I expect him to make a big step forward: for the very first time he will be used as a toilet slave. You know, all my slave must be able to serve me as full toilet and this one is no exception. He is a silent man and this is a good thing: a toilet doesnt need to speak. Very first, I put a funnel in his mouth and I make him drink my piss. He behaves well and drinks everything without any spill over. Now, he is ready for the big step: my feces. I squat over his face and, soon, his mouth is full with my fragrant and tasty crap. Im realistic and I dont expect that he can eat everything, being his very first time, but I want him to get used to the smell and taste of my feces. Therefore, I push all the shit inside his mouth and I seal it with duct tape. He will stay there for one hour, while I make some phone calls.