Toilet Lesson With Mistress Carter

As befits a queen of brown gold, eliminating your divine natural delicacies into white ceramic vessels is an absolute taboo for Mistress Carter! And so the Mistress invited her novice Peter after her movie shoot Will you be my toilet. The interested fetishist, so after the theoretical lesson, the practical toilet education should be brought closer! For this Peter has to serve, whereby it seems that the novice will love it too much! Immobilized on the slave chair, the slave is made of the mistress, with blows in the eggs in the mood! And like a professor of brown effusions, Mistress Carter gives exact instructions on how to cook your caviar in this lesson of the toiletfetisch! Since Peter can now look back on considerable practice, in the eating of the mistresss figure exudates, astonished him the mistress, with a very special treatment! Mistress Carter takes a handful of her divine poop and lubricates and massages the slaves breast! But that is only make-out! Because after this special natural moor pack, now the novice is packaged in foil! The mistress is utterly pleased with her plastic artwork and grabs the movie camera to capture the lust of your slave pig! Meanwhile, the smell of the mistress for Peter is getting more intense! In addition, the heat in his new plastic prison rises immeasurably! So excited and with the delicacies of the mistress in the stomach, the climax for Peter is not far away!