Diarrhea Accident Made A Mess In My Pants

This clip has no script, it was a real diarrhea accident and it was totally not on purpose. I am pretty much always constipated and I have to take magnesium citrate powder to help me poo. Problem is its very tricky to adjust the dosage. If I take too much I end up with diarrhea. Well that happened again. I was in front of my computer editing some clips and I abruptly had the urge to shit. I thought no problem, Im gonna finish what Im doing and then Im gonna go kaviar. But a minute later liquid diarrhea began to come out of my anus and I could not control it. I rushed to grab the camera and attempted to hold what was left inwards of me for as long as possible. When I ultimately press the record button on my camera my pants are already full of poo. I take of my pants and there is more liquid diarrhea coming out. I showcase you what came out of my anus from a closer angle, liquid diarrhea with some distinctive pieces. Then I show you the inside of my pants. In the last scene I show you my dirty ass and pussy from a closer angle, just for your viewing pleasure. There is also some shit on my legs and some shit that driped on the floor while I was removing my pants. I made a mess!! I hope you enjoy this! Find more scat videos on DirtyMaryan. com .