Straight From The Vault Unreleased Footage Outakes And Sextapes

This is a superb collection of a broad diversity of classic clips, outakes, and ones I didn?t know what to do with!! from yours truely!! I am a fan very first and foremost and have always had a desire to observe women piss and crap on the toilet my entire life!! Literally my mother caught me spying on her friend looking under the toilet door when I was two years old!! Before I began this site and began collecting clips from everything from the lady's next door to some of my beloved porn starlets, I was always attempting to witness or record women?s private activities. In this clip you can see some of the very first women I ever wooed to piss and feces on camera. Some of these clips were made before Wise phones with HD were widespread so the movie quality and sound on some are mediocre, but the content is great!! The main is an African Girl I used to date. She always let me watch, and I finally got her to let me record about 5 of her trips. Another highlight is one from one of my original girls, a latina named Abbey. Abbey always wanted money for this and that, but I would make her record in exchange for those favors. This was an unreleased clip of her pooping and peeing. She let out some huge logs and even showed the end result. Don?t know why I never posted it on my old site as this was the best one she did the first clip is from a Stripper I got to do a few clips for me. She stars in the first and 4th clip. There is also a clip from Francesca Gabriella I never put out as it was kinda dark. The audio is great and she has some great dialouge in it as well. Another great one is some old home sextape footage from Diamond Jewel! Enjoy as she fucks, sucks and takes a creampie from a huge black cock! The final two minutes are audio recordings from Ms Jenkins. They were supposed to be clips, but she didn?t check the camera before she sat down and had the camera not aimed at her. But you can hear her strain and push out some Monster logs and Peeing! I know a lot of folks love peeing and scat audio and that?s a bonus!! This is over 20 minutes of great peeing, pooping, fucking, sucking, creampies and more at a low price!!