3 Days Of Holding Shit In

Its been three days of holding my poop in,it began to hurt so i had to make a videoi couldnt even hold it any longer so once i press recordthe poo starts to come out and it hurttttt tons of turds tryin to come out at once opened my arse fuckhole wideand i strained and shoved and it was so hard to come out since there wasso much poop attempting to come out at once. then some come out and it was ease i shitted on a platei kept my gams broad and up in the air and kaviar kept coming out mins after mins go buy and still crap was coming out ugh 3 days worth of it was justflowing out, the agony was alot but i fucking loved it, the smell was intense but i love thesmell of feces it turns me on some piss comes out as i kaviar, i keep tightening and a big hard thickturd peeks through and starts to work its way out This poo hurt the most but it had to come outi knew once it was out it would feel so good, then it came out, i thought i was done but i wasnt, moreshit followed ughhh...finally i was done shitting but i had to show u all that came out i placed my webcam on top of the laptop so u can get a good view i started to smell the shiti moved the cam close so u could smell it also. i took a min just smelling the shit that i havent smelled in days. MMMmmm the smell is a mind fuck i love it! then i crave to taste it! ughhh i lick it just to tease but i couldnt resist i had to put it in my after days of wanting my shit it happens i out it in my mouth and move it around to feel the texture of the turds, how thick it is, the anal juice thats on it, how mushy it is, how good it just keep spitting it out and putting more in ughhh im so addicted and i know you are too as you watch every piece enter my mouth. This is a very descriptive video and you feel the closeness to me and my shit come close nasty boy and buy this video!