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• Communication and strategy planning The goal of strategic planning in the overall process of developing an advertising campaign is to ensure the correspondence of creative materials and the plan for their placement, on the one hand, to the goals of the client, and on the other - to the needs and lifestyle of potential consumers. Thus, strategic planning plays a key role in ensuring the ultimate effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

• Advertising on TV Depending on the objectives of the advertising campaign, we will help you choose the optimal set of TV channels, determine the intervals of shows, programs, calculate the most effective method of purchase (fixed or floating) for Advertising on television. We'll determine the appropriate parameters for frequency of showing and coverage, for more effective impact on the audience.

• Digital Digital-marketing is the use of modern digital technologies to promote the company and attract consumers. The agency constantly analyzes and generalizes the experience of promoting goods and services in the digital Internet, or other non-standard digital solutions. Our agency will develop a strategy for promoting your brand, goods, services in the digital space.

• Running exhibitions Participation in exhibitions is a modern and effective tool of marketing promotion. At the exhibition stand it is possible to present the information about your company in the most complete and advantageous way, clearly demonstrate all the advantages of your products. The exhibition is a place where new acquaintances, business contacts are established, deals are concluded, a presentation of companies and their services is held. We never stop developing our company, not even for a moment. Therefore, we are waiting for new interesting projects, new friends, and new customers.

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Vega Star LTD advertising agency
• Communication and strategy planning
• Advertising on TV
• Digital-marketing is the use of modern digital technologies
• Running exhibitions
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